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Orlando program aims to expose low-income students to virtual reality

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Outreach by the hundreds of Orlando businesses working with advanced technology will help, too, said Dennis Pape, who runs tech coworking space Catalyst in downtown Orlando. “If you have the business people who use or develop new technology introduce it to them, it can get them interested in pursuing those careers,” he said.

Orlando left out as top city in South for startups — here’s why and 8 things we can do

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Catalyst Spaces cofounder Dennis R. Pape comments to the Orlando Business Journal's Matthew Richardson. "One expert co-working space owner in the Orlando tech community was not too happy about TechCrunch's data. "This corroborates what those of us following this space have observed," said Dennis Pape, founder of accelerator group VentureScaleUp and downtown Orlando co-working space Catalyst. "Miami, and now Tampa, have eclipsed Orlando in terms of venture capital deals and dollar volume. How have they done this? By building tech ecosystems that foster scalable startups."

Catalyst Expands Website

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Catalyst's original website, designed in 2015 by Andrew Nater and Kevin Halliday-Glynn with Trim Media, has served our Orlando coworking space well, informing visitors about our workspace, membership plans and amenities, providing potential members the ability to schedule a tour with instant access to our tour scheduling calendar, and providing visitors the ability to start a membership plan directly from the [...]

Here’s why Orlando needs more co-working space

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Catalyst Spaces cofounder Dennis R. Pape says "Co-working spaces have become the disruptive market for the traditional workspace. I am in favor of having more co-working spaces, and I think it will bring more people to the downtown area. I want to have a lot of non-tech startups in the space. I want to have marketers and other industries here. It creates a level of daily networking."