Looking to serve as a resource to the Orlando startup community, a group of 10 seasoned early-stage business experts, with offices at the coworking space Catalyst in downtown Orlando, have formed the Catalyst Startup Coalition. The group includes both representatives from a variety of service industries that support entrepreneurs as well entrepreneurs scaling their startups. The breadth of the groups’ collective expertise and experience address the problems entrepreneurs face in growing and scaling their startups.

Experts in the Catalyst Startup Coalition include: Dennis R. Pape of Catalyst Spaces and Florida Venture Sourcing, Rajiv Menon of Informulate and Talent4Startups, Mark Bunker of Grey Gorilla, Donna Chesteen of The Tech Law Firm, Reginald Parks of Reality Marketing Group, Angela Kendall of Spark Rocket Marketing, Mark A. Carbone of PN Medical, Terence Brennan of Brennan Legal Group, Sean DiMercurio of The Heroes Group, and Wagner dos Santos of Wagner.

Said Dennis R. Pape, managing partner at Catalyst, “Aside from participation in accelerator and incubator programs, there is no place entrepreneurs in Orlando can go to get help with problems they face in growing and scaling their startup. While some of our members already offer free office hours in their respective areas of expertise to entrepreneurs, we realized that we have so much more expertise here at Catalyst that could be organized to address the myriad of growth problems entrepreneurs face.”

In addition to the free office hours that individual experts in the Catalyst Startup Coalition will provide to entrepreneurs, the coalition will offer a variety of programs and events at Catalyst. These will include monthly investor pitch practice sessions, workshops, panels, and networking events.