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Orlando program aims to expose low-income students to virtual reality

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Outreach by the hundreds of Orlando businesses working with advanced technology will help, too, said Dennis Pape, who runs tech coworking space Catalyst in downtown Orlando. “If you have the business people who use or develop new technology introduce it to them, it can get them interested in pursuing those careers,” he said.

Post-Amazon bid, Orlando tech regroups behind startup successes

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The more companies succeed, the better off the region can be because it can show budding entrepreneurs that starting a business in Orlando can be fruitful, said Dennis Pape, founder of the downtown Orlando coworking space Catalyst. “It encourages nascent entrepreneurs working at larger tech companies to consider starting a company,” he said. “It helps energize investors to take a look at other startups locally.”

Orlando startup, once located in Silicon Valley, lands investment

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Catalyst startup Finexio, a smart B2B payment network that eliminates paper checks by embedding electronic payments into the corporate buying and selling experience, completed an oversubscribed $4M Series A round.

Commentary: Orlando should make better use of its technology assets to boost wages

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Catalyst cofounder Dennis R. Pape writes it is past time we focus our economic development and entrepreneurship support efforts on high-growth entrepreneurs and become proactive in the creation of scaleups.