Biz Airlines, a Brazilian travel startup, will call Catalyst its home this Spring while participating in a virtual travel, tourism, and hospitality program, Travel Startups Incubator.

“We are excited to be launching our travel startup at Catalyst in Orlando,” said Bruno Santiago, the founder and CEO of Biz Airlines. “We looked at New York City and San Francisco and Orlando by far had the best combination of affordability, a growing tech scene, and travel and tourism as the driving economic force of the city.” Biz Airlines develops airline routing technology that mixes and matches private jets, commercial airlines, and airport transfers for the most efficient and least expensive executive travel.

The startup will receive a $25,000 cash investment from Travel Startups Incubator, as well as strategic advice and mentorship from travel industry executives such as Scott Alvis (Amadeus), Mahendra Yadav (Tavisca), and Joe Hyman (Vizergy).