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Orlando City Council to consider support for tech firms

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Catalyst cofounder Dennis R. Pape encouraged by new developments in allocating $150,000 to encourage tech entrepreneurs to start companies. “There is demonstrated success in [the new plan],” he told the Sentinel last week. “Much more so than just funding a few entities, which the original plan was about.”

Downtown Business Experts Form Coalition To Help Startups Scale In Orlando

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Catalyst Startup Coalition launches - a group of 10 seasoned early-stage business experts, with offices at Catalyst, offering free office hours to entrepreneurs and a variety of programs and events at Catalyst to help entrepreneurs scale.

Meetup-palooza: Orlando’s tech community to see more events in 2017

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Catalyst cofounder Dennis R. Pape commented: "We are going to be having more business content-oriented events this year. There is a big need for business development and content for startups in the early stage.""There is a big need for business development and content for startups in the early stage."

Here’s why Orlando needs more co-working space

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Catalyst Spaces cofounder Dennis R. Pape says "Co-working spaces have become the disruptive market for the traditional workspace. I am in favor of having more co-working spaces, and I think it will bring more people to the downtown area. I want to have a lot of non-tech startups in the space. I want to have marketers and other industries here. It creates a level of daily networking."