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Post-Amazon bid, Orlando tech regroups behind startup successes

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The more companies succeed, the better off the region can be because it can show budding entrepreneurs that starting a business in Orlando can be fruitful, said Dennis Pape, founder of the downtown Orlando coworking space Catalyst. “It encourages nascent entrepreneurs working at larger tech companies to consider starting a company,” he said. “It helps energize investors to take a look at other startups locally.”

Catalyst Expands Website

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Catalyst's original website, designed in 2015 by Andrew Nater and Kevin Halliday-Glynn with Trim Media, has served our Orlando coworking space well, informing visitors about our workspace, membership plans and amenities, providing potential members the ability to schedule a tour with instant access to our tour scheduling calendar, and providing visitors the ability to start a membership plan directly from the [...]